Equipment checklist for your Trek to Nepal

redfox-nepalIf youre planning the trip of lifetime totrekin Nepals magnificent landscape, youll probably have bought all of the guidebooks, gear and maps that you can find.

However taking too much equipment can be just as inconvenient as taking too little, and can see you laden with unnecessary baggage that will slow you down and make the experience less enjoyable.

To help you pack all of the essentials without the proverbial kitchen sink, heres a quick rundown of what youll need.


The clothing that youll require will vary depending on where and when youre planning to trek. However there are a few rules that apply to all situations.

Make sure that all of your clothes are lightweight so theyre easy to carry and dry fast so youre not forced to start out the day in damp trousers.

Its also important to remember that many parts of Nepal are traditional and religious in nature, so its best to wear long sleeved tops and trousers rather than shorts and T-shirts.


Anyone that has done some serious hiking will know that your hiking boots can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Comfy boots will help to make yourNepal toura joy, whereas ill-fitting boots can make every step a struggle. So make sure to break your boots in thoroughly, ideally doing a few long walks in them at home before you leave for Nepal.


These days many people dont go to the park without a camera, let alone the roof of the world. If you want to snap away as youtour Nepal, a lightweight camera with a good optical zoom will be ideal. Take a look at the increasing range of ‘ruggedized’ compact cameras – these offer shock, dust and water resistance and make ideal trekking partners.

Remember to bring a memory card with enough space for all your pics as you wont want to delete any while youre away.

First aid kit

Your guide will probably be armed with an extensive first aid kit, but its always a good idea to pack a few essentials yourself.

Things like antiseptic wipes, bandages and plasters always come in handy and are pretty cheap to stock up on. Other essentials include rehydrate sachets, zinc oxide tape, sterile gauze, surgical gloves, basic analgesics and perhaps Lomotil.

Any trekking trip requires a bit of preparation, and a visit to Nepal is no different.

However nothing can prepare you for the fantastic experiences youll have when youre away, so remember to charge up those camera batteries and wear in your walking boots and youll be sure to have the trip of a lifetime.


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Equipment checklist for your Trek to Nepal

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