Ultimate trips to Nepal: 3 new adventures

Volunteer TourismNepal has long been famous as a destination for mountaineers and adventurers. Its extensive peaks are an ideal stomping ground for anyone who wants to test their stamina and endurance as they reach for the very top of the world.

Climbing Nepaland its mountains will uncover a range of cultural, natural and geographical attractions that will suit all travellers and all abilities.

But if youre looking to add another element to your trip to Nepal, here are three ideas to help you get closer to the culture and community, and to get your feet itching and your passport burning a hole in your pocket.

Volunteer your services

Combining a volunteer placement with your trekking trip to Nepal is a great way to give something back and to get to know the country that youre traveling in.

Volunteering for as little as a week will give you the chance to meet local people and get a feel for their culture and way of life.

Projects range from teaching English and tutoring to building projects and environmental sustainability. So there should be something to suit all interests.

Pack inadventure sports

If trekking in the Himalayas isnt exciting enough for you, then have a look at some of the other adventure sports Nepal has to offer.

There’s everything, from paragliding to bungee jumping and climbing to rafting onwhite water in Nepal. But will you be brave enough to jump off of a 160m high bridge into a gorge or hurtle down a wild mountain river? Theres only one way to find out.

Take in some friendly neighbours

Thanks to its central location, Nepal is the perfect crossover point for trips to Tibet, Bhutan, India and China, so why not make the most of being in the middle of Asia and visit some of Nepals neighbours.

There are plenty of tour operators who can arrange trips to nearby countries. Most are only a drive or a short flight away and most travel in the region is fairly affordable.

Travelling between countries in this region is a great way to get an understanding of the differences between each culture and their relationship to each other.

So whether you want to crank up the adrenaline, explore different countries or share you knowledge and experience with local communities, Nepal has it all. The only limit to what you can achieve on your Himalayan break is your imagination, and maybe your return flight home.

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Ultimate trips to Nepal: 3 new adventures

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