Why Trek Annapurna and not Everest?

Annapurna Base campChoosing Nepal as the destination for your next trekking holiday is a fairly easy decision to make. Its diverse landscape, vibrant culture and unique history make it a top spot for trekkers, walkers and tourists of all kinds.

However choosing where in Nepal to trek can be a little harder. The choice often comes down to an Everest Base Camp trek with its towering peaks and dramatic vistas, or a trek in the rolling foothills and friendly villages of the Annapurna region.

An experiencedNepal tour operatorwill explain to you that both areas have huge amounts to offer in terms of experience, diversity and physical challenges, and both can be tailored and adjusted to suit your specific needs and requirements.

The Everest base camp trek is best attempted in the autumn, spring or winter months, whereas you can trek Annapurna throughout the year. And if yourNepal travelitineraries are organised for the spring months, youll have the added benefit of seeing the spectacular rhododendron plants in full bloom.

For many people, the main reason to trek Annapurna instead of Everest is the fear that the routes to the famous base camp will be overrun with other trekkers, and at the most popular times of the season, this can be a real issue.

Though theAnnapurnacircuit can also become busy, theres a little more flexibility in the route that you take, giving you the chance to avoid the crowds and find your very own piece of Himalayan paradise.

The culture and landscape around Annapurna is also very different to that around Everest. Many of the villagers hold either Hindu or Animist beliefs, whereas in the region surrounding the Everest Base Camp, the majority of locals are Buddhist Sherpas.

On the way to Everest, youll be completely surrounded by the Himalayas, with many parts of the trek almost completely enclosed by the mountains.

In the Annapurna region however, the landscape is a little more varied, with rolling hills, mountain passes and alpine fields dotted with villages and traditional communities.

A trek to Annapurna also gives you the chance to visit the city of Pokhara, one of the most beautiful places in Nepal, if not the world. A lot of treks will start from here, so make sure that you make the most of your time in this unique setting.

With its culture, landscape, and setting the Annapurna circuit offers trekkers something pretty special.

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Why Trek Annapurna and not Everest?

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