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Accessible travel in Nepal

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Travel Nepal with disabilities or mobility issues

We’d be lying if we said that Nepal is easy to travel for people with disabilities or mobility problems – there aren’t many special facilities, the pavements are uneven and, well, there’s a lot of mountains!

Things are very slowly improving, with more hotels and tour companies making changes to facilitate a wider range of people. We are still a long way from the inclusivity we want though, and you should expect some difficulties if you have a disability or have mobility issues. However, most Nepali people are naturally helpful, and will do what they can to accommodate you.

Our partners at Royal Mountain Travel have contacts all across the country, and can work with you to plan a Nepalese adventure which fits your needs, including finding suitable accommodation, comfortable transport and experiences which don’t involve climbing mountains!

We’ve also added a filter for accessibility for the tours and services on our Tours page, so that you can see the options which can be more easily tailored to your requirements.

Disabled people of Nepal

People with disabilities have a tough time in Nepal. Social and religious stigma has long been ingrained in the national psyche, and disabled people are often pushed to the fringes of society.

There are few facilities available and disabled children are sometimes segregated in schools. It isn’t a pretty picture, but there is hope that views are changing, particularly amongst the younger generations.

If you’d like to make a contribution to the plight of disabled people in Nepal, both SOS Children’s Villages and the Nepal Disabled Women Association are organisations doing wonderful work in our country.

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