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Founded back in 2012 by Shiva Dhakal of Royal Mountain Travel, the Community Homestay Network serves to connect travellers with communities from all across Nepal. Their work provides both unforgettable travel experiences and huge benefits to rural people otherwise forgotten by tourism.

It began with one woman at her home in Panauti – a beautiful but rarely visited town in the Kathmandu Valley. As the tourists began to arrive, ten more families signed up to become hosts as the community embraced the possibilities that this idea could bring. In the following years, communities in Nuwakot and Chitwan joined the network, and currently there are 22 communities and 270 families ready to welcome travellers into their homes.


When you book a homestay or experience with Community Homestay Network, they’ll coordinate with the community and local families to make all of the arrangements for your visit.

This is not a typical tourist experience. You won’t be waited on hand and foot, and nobody will perform or act differently for you. Rather, you’ll be welcomed by your host family as a friend, or even a temporary family member, and invited to get involved in their daily lives, as well as share something about your own life at home.

From helping out with daily chores and lending a hand with the cooking, to learning traditional crafts and joining in with local festivities and games, it’s the perfect way to experience genuine Nepali life and culture.



Social Impact


Community Homestay Network has been set up in consultation with people from the communities to provide the best possible benefits for them, whether that be financial, educational or to improve their infrastructure.

Community Homestay Network impacts


Female empowerment


In contrast to the traditional ways of Nepali society, Community Homestay Network is a largely female-led initiative. As well as many of the staff in head office, the vast majority of hosts and homestay owners are mothers and housewives.

Their involvement in the Community Homestay Network gives them the opportunity to generate their own income in a sustainable way and take charge of their finances. These women are also given training in hospitality and basic English, arming them with new skills and creating new opportunities.

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