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When to go to Nepal

You can come to Nepal whenever you like of course, we’ll always be happy to see you, but it’s worth knowing a little about our seasons so that you can plan and pack accordingly. Knowing when to go trekking in Nepal is especially important, as many trails close in the off-season.

In terms of temperatures, Nepal weather follows a similar pattern to much of Europe and North America – hottest in the summer months of June-August, and coldest in the winter months December-February. We also have a rainy season though, which generally runs over the summer months June-August.

There are regional differences too, of course, caused by huge changes in altitude across the country. 

a panoramic image of the Annapurna range

Confused? Don’t worry, here’s a summary of each season, along with tips on what you can do during these months

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Nepal

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